Introduction to IHC Beaver® dredgers

IHC Beaver® 50

IHC Beaver Dredgers is the world leader in the construction of cutter dredgers. The company has built numerous cutter suction dredgers (CSD) throughout the years. IHC Beaver Dredgers builds both standard cutter dredgers from stock (the IHC Beaver®), as well as dedicated custom built cutter dredgers. Every vessel is a quality product in its own right, meeting all of the industry standards for design and function.

IHC Beaver Dredgers can deliver a complete and integrated package of equipment and services including workboats, spare parts, training, dredging advice and maintenance support.

As a part of IHC Merwede, the world’s leading builder of dredging equipment, IHC Beaver Dredgers has the knowledge and experience to supply the best-fitted dredger for any task, from small vessels designed to work inland, to the largest custom-built dredgers for reclamation projects.

The greatest attention is always paid to optimising the technical and economic quality of the designs. With modern facilities and highly-qualified personnel, first-class products are guaranteed.