Our equipment

Working in challenging environments with a cutter dredger demands a range of equipment:

  • Cutter dredgers for the actual dredging
  • (Floating) pipelines
  • Workboats, dredge support vessels
  • Booster stations to extend the pumping distance
Cutter dredgers
Anchor booms
Spud carrier


IHC Merwede can deliver a full range of equipment and services required to meet any challenge. All our equipment has an incredible short delivery time and our standard Beaver Dredgers and workboats can even be delivered from stock! 


IHC Beaver series

Standard dredgers: the IHC Beaver® series

The IHC Beaver® series conveys the most complete and succesfull range of demountable cutter suction dredgers in the market. These dredgers are deliverable from stock. It comprises several cutter models, as well as wheel dredgers, with delivery pipelines ranging in diameter from 400 to 750mm.

Local standards

Local standard dredgers

Specifically for the Chinese market IHC Beaver Dredgers has developed a series dredgers designed to work in remote locations, capable to pump on a large discharge distances and with a high degree of autonomy.



Custom built

Custom built dredgers

For any dredging problem, IHC Merwede can offer a tailor-made solution. It is our aim to design the right dredging equipment to meet our customers’ needs. This ranges from dedicated small dredgers for enviromenal dredging projects up to the largest rock cutter in the world!