IHC Dredge support vessels

There are many different elements which contribute to a cutter suction dredger’s performance. To ensure that IHC Merwede’s range of CSDs get the most from every working day, we have designed a series of reliable multipurpose heavy-duty work boats: Delta Multi Crafts (DMCs).

Dredging operations need floating equipment for a range of jobs:

  • maintenance on bow coupling, hoses, anchors and cutters
  • logistical assistance
  • bunkering and supplies
  • connecting or removing floating pipeline sections
  • anchoring
  • towing


: these workboats are engineered and built to perfectly complement the CSD they will provide support to. They are guaranteed to be able to tow the dredger and lift heavier components onto it.

Reliable multi-purpose work boats: IHC Merwede is known for its dredgers, but the company also manufactures a recently-redesigned series of reliable multi-purpose heavy-duty work boats for use in shallow coastal waters.

Can be partnered with dredgers of any kind
: the vessels in the DMC series are produced by IHC Beaver Dredgers but can be partnered with dredgers of any kind. Each IHC Beaver dredger has a specific work boat designed to complement it, for example, with the right crane or anchor handling winch for lifting the heaviest pumps part or hoisting the dredger anchors.

Life-cycle support strategy: the IHC Merwede work boats are a valuable addition to its range of vessels and part of the company's life-cycle support strategy. As IHC Beaver dredgers and DMC work boats have the same class notation, it is fair to say that every IHC Beaver dredger should be accompanied by a DMC work boat in order to increase operational efficiency!

This table shows the right IHC Beaver dredger for each DMC:

 DMC type  IHC Beaver® 40  IHC Beaver® 45  IHC Beaver® 50  IHC Beaver® 65 DDSP
 DMC 1050  x  x  x  
 DMC 1250      x  
 DMC 1400        x
DMC 1050
DMC 1200
DMC 1400

More information can be found on our workboats site